Mana BSMT is a collaborative hub for artists, with private and semi-private studios, and open-plan workspaces. Occupying the entire lower part of Mana Contemporary’s headquarters in New Jersey, half of this 100,000-square-foot space is reserved for the BSMT New Media Program (NMP), BSMT Residencies, and Mana Residencies. The other half is available for rent to artists who seek a community experience.

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Established by BSMT Director Grace Franck, the Mana BSMT New Media Program (NMP) is a community-based residency dedicated to supporting the next generation of new media artists.

Through ongoing support in Mana’s two-million square-foot campus, the program aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, and present exhibitions and programming at the intersection of art, design, and technology.

Current New media program artists
Bradley Bowers, James Clar, Alex Czetwertynski, Pablo Gnecco, Harald Haraldsson, Sarah Rothberg, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Anne Vieux, Freeka Tet


The BSMT residencies are 6-months to 1-year stints curated by guest artists as part of an experimental initiative to inspire collaboration among the residents. Participants are encouraged to curate their own programming, helping to shape the culture of the BSMT. Currently in residence is a group of twelve artists (known as base 12) led by Sei and Ki smith of Apostrophe NYC.

Curated by Apostrophe NYC
Caslon Bevington, Ryan Bock, Morell Cutler, Alana Dee Haynes, Kolter Hodgson, Charlie Hudson, The Love Child, Julia Powers, Bruno Smith, Sei Smith, James Reyes, James Rubio

Curated by Matthias Brown
Matthias Brown (Traceloops), Sam Cannon, Thoka Maer, Hayden Zezula (Zollac)


Established by curatorial director Ysabel Pinyol and curator Karline Moeller, Mana Residencies give local and international visual artists the opportunity to work at the organization’s prestigious New Jersey headquarters.

Current Mana Residencies artists
Daniel Bejar, Abigail DeVille, Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg, Raul Mourao, Ebecho Muslimova, Susan Waller

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